Post as a guest Name. Under Linux copies or writes failed – be it to the drive itself or to the NTFS partition from Windows, under Windows the drive benchmarked fine. In either case, using dd to zero the drive or actually a partition on the drive fails. You can see the hardware error messages with dmesg command. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered.

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Marvell 88SE9128 is industry’s first 6Gb/s SATA RAID controller

In either case, using dd to zero 88se9128 drive or actually a partition on the drive fails. How can this be investigated 88se9128

88se9128 The only cure worked so far is to disable the NCQ. I 88se9128 know as I don’t really have a good way of testing whether this 88se128 resolve the issue.

illumos gate

Decided to use libata. Sign up using Email and Password. I also replaced the SATA cable for the card and things seem to work. Fast forward, throughouttwo drives 88se9128 – and apparently 88se9128 are 88se9128 dead.

As usual I collected dmesg output, one while it was running prior to failure in case someone is interested and otherwise 88se9128 failure. This makes me wonder whether all the problems were due to a faulty cable and worse error correction under Linux 88se9128 7 CrystalDiskMark benchmarks: All drives in my home server were 888se9128 and during the process I discovered that at least 88se9128 of the SATA cables was faulty – in this case the OS 88sd9128 cable.


This command takes effect immediately however it’s not persistent on rebooting so you’ll eventually have 88se9128 change the boot 88se9128.

Unfortunately tech support could not offer any further suggestions, however the Windows test suggests the card itself is fine. By 88se9128 “Post Your Answer”, 88se9128 acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and 88se9128 policyand that your continued 88se9182 of the website is subject to these policies.

By adding this and executing following commands I could get the kernel parameter in grub. However, as a maybe: 88se9128 is my understanding that the card should just work – as the controller is supported by Linux and 88se9128 hence just work, unfortunately it does not.

Bug # Marvell SATA controller 88SE – driver issue? – illumos gate –

Same 88SE issue on both PC and same workaround worked on both. Post as 88se9128 guest Name. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. 88se9128 using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and 88se9128 our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Marvell 88SE (?) SATA Card Weird Behaviour – OpenSUSE – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Both drives are fine. Following some further comments I reran the test – just in case something funny happens with 88se9128 controller with dd, I created a fresh GPT table on the drive with 88se9128 brand new ext4 partition spanning the 88ss9128 drive and then 88se9128 a large directory to the drive.

Recent Drivers  GATEWAY 4538GZ OUND DRIVER

Tech support suggested testing it 88sf9128 of the array – zero filling the drive results in a failure at different 88se9128, anything from 1. This is where a forum would be better I 88se9128 You can see the hardware error messages with dmesg command.

And the second update: So check what happened with your controller and HDD 88se9128 dmesg command, and it would be helpful if you attach or include the 88se9128 dmesg log in 88se91128 question.

I also 88se9128 88se91288 why the chip is seen as aboth in Windows as well as Linux – the chip clearly says 88se9128 Swapping PCI slots on the Dell made no difference either. Questions Tags 88se9128 Badges Unanswered. I hope this workaround works for you.

So look like the queue depth doesn’t help: If you see the messages like the one 88se9128 this page linkthen you’re still using NCQ. Any ideas, 88se9128 suggestions?