Please Log In to post. Money’s not an issue as long as the expense is justified. Read the FAQ before posting a question. I only know of the Logitech G but that’s long discontinued. I’m sure Elite does not, Can’t say for eve. Not to mention the thumb nipple on the throttle is killer.

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Most joysticks have this functionality. What bug is that?

When they were around and in fashion to some degree in the late 90’s early ‘s as most have said they were quiet expensive and while fun the extra stress on the stick meant they tendered to have short life spans, so was a lot of money for something that was not going to last the distance. Two types of fire buttons that you can press with your pointing finger. And yes obviously that only possibly applies to hofas surface using atmospheric aircraft.

Today I see the market saturated with “controllers”, which I understand those come in handy for a lot of games, but some some, Joysticks are the choice. Long time ago I have one I think MS stick with force feedback For a summary, find below a list of available joysticks. There is no real market though outside of Sims.


Does anyone currently make a force-feedback HOTAS stick?

Showing 1 – 15 of 16 comments. For example, if you need to apply more force to move the joystick out of the center, it is very disturbing.

Possibly a 3rd party add on or something? One to fire guns, and one for other ammunition. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Then when I started playing DCS, I htas about buying one, only to find out that they have been gone from the market for over 10 years.

Hotad the FAQ before posting a question. You need special pedals for that, which is hard to setup and remove, and is an additional cost.


If you used it alot; it wore out focre replaced it, simple as that. Most joysticks have lots of features described above, but not all inclusive.

Best force feedback stick ever made was the msffb2. The newer ones might be better built, I haven’t had one since back then.

Be civil or your post may be removed. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. Today, the best joystick manufacturer is Thrustmaster. Seen so many threads start with “I’m about to drop as much discretionary spending as I possibly can on this game” And I count myself among this.


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I know someone that has feefback in a wardrobe. Thanks for the tips. It usually felt just the same way as a regular spring-loaded stick felt except shittier, and only on some specific occasions – stall and on the ground – it felt differently than fogce spring, pulling in specific direction or being limp, respectively. I haven’t thought of this yet, but since you mention it Many just modify them their selves if they do start wearing out, to help up-keep them over time.

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Force Feedback Joystick PC | Thrustmaster

Admitted, I haven’t tried X2: No low effort submissions; memes, gifs, image macros, etc. So begins the enginuity. The Cougar looked cool, but I don’t see it for sale new very many places.