Fan – Lower cooling fan – In bottom case of printer. Roller – Duplex drive roller assembly – Includes paper feed sensor PS3. PC Board – Sensor board – Has switches for upper tray size sensors. Hook – Left release hook – Latches top cover closed. Gear – Gear – 32 tooth – On right side of fusing assembly. Drive Assembly – Vertical registration drive control assembly.

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HP Computer Museum

Pressure Assembly – Upper pressure assembly – ‘T’ bar. Pad – Fusing roller cleaning pad – Felt ‘Wand’ in fusing assembly. Roller – Delivery Exit roller assembly – In fusing assembly. Coupler – Delivery coupler assembly – Two gear set. Label – LaserJet printer labels for 3.

HP LaserJet IID Printer – Product Specifications

Filter – Ozone filter – Square black filter in front of upper fan. Label – LaserJet printer return address labels – 1.

Pad – Separation pad – Rectangular pad – In lower pickup area. Roller – Registration assembly – Next set of rollers after paper pickup. Gear – Reduction gear – 57 tooth – From main motor to 19 tooth gear. Roller – Roller – Mounts in lever arm – Located in laxerjet duplex drive assembly. Extended warranty option is available. Roller – Duplex drive roller assembly – Includes paper feed sensor PS3. Label – LaserJet printer file folder labels – 1.


Repair Service – Ship your product to us for a small diagnostic fee; and a professional service job.

Tray – Tray extender – U-shaped wire form on switchback assembly output. Pressure Assembly – Lower pressure assembly – ‘T’ id. Cover – Top Panel cover – Has recess for ‘face down’ paper output. Label – LaserJet printer full sheet label – A size 8. Cable – Upper main AC power cable harness which connects to most major assemblies – v, 60Hz.

HP parts for A LaserJet IID Printer

Gear Assembly – Gear and arm assembly – Engages dual gear – In fusing assembly. Guide – Font guide – Inner metal structure for font cartridge slots. Cover – Right side cover – For switchback assembly. Maintenance Kit – Maintenance kit V -page replacement parts upper fan, Fuser Assembly, separation and fusing pads, upper feed roller and corona wire. Feeder – Automatic envelope feeder – Holds 50 envelopes.


Thermoswitch – Thermoprotect unit for fusing assembly. Lever – Top cover interlock lever – Engages switch in DC power supply.

Power Cord – Power cord Mint Gray – 2. Controller – Switchback drive control assembly – Includes solenoids. Sensor – Sensor assembly – Lower tray paper out or manual feed. Hook – Right release hook with bracket – Latches top cover closed. Gear – Drive gear – 19 diagonal teeth – Engages toner cartridge. Brush – Cleaning brush – For cleaning the transfer corona wire. Fuser Assembly – Fusing assembly For V, 50Hz operation – Bonds the toner to the paper with heat – In quantity price break packaging Contains five new fusing assemblies.

Laeerjet – Duplex knob – For directing paper to upper or lower tray.